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“Scrupulously researched, with Walsh taking pains to interrogate a few old myths. And visually, it’s a delight. It’s a book worth keeping an appointment with.” ★★★★★



“It’s arguably the most in-depth of Walsh’s ‘Official Story of’ books to date, and each page is a revelation. For fans of The Wicker Man, this is a must-buy, but it’s also highly recommended to anyone who loves cinema, as it tells a universally relatable story of the struggle to get a certain vision up on the screen.”



“Massive picture book, Brilliant. I shall devour it. I will have a Wicker Man weekend and torture a few locals.”

Frank Skinner


“Walsh has more than fulfilled expectations here with a simply fantastic tome which succeeds on every level. A must-buy whether you’ve had decades of experience with this endlessly beguiling film or, like poor Howie, you were until only recently a Wicker Man virgin.”

Horror Cult Films


“This definitive book explores the movie’s origins, deploying fascinating behind-the-scenes photography, new interviews, exclusive artwork, and never-before-seen material from the StudioCanal archives.”



“John Walsh writes in a way where words leap off the page and start frantically painting images in your head, a fascinating read and a deep dive into the mechanics of what made this low-budget British horror film tick.”

Back To The Movies


“The Wicker Man: The Official Story of the Film is a good template for any film school student tearing apart a film and finding why it worked and why it didn’t.”


“Walsh not only offers new behind-the-scenes details but unpacks why this film has maintained a growing legacy with new interviews and never-before-seen material. It’s a dense, well-assembled, gorgeous book, one of the best art books in years for horror fans.”



“Walsh vividly explains why Hardy’s masterpiece continues to make an impact.”

The Film Stage


“The book offers a fascinating insight into the journey that the filmmaker goes on. If you are a fan of this film or are looking for a gift for the horror fan in your life. Then you can’t go far wrong by purchasing this book. As it will get picked up and put down often.”

SciFi Pulse

“The definitive guide to the making of the landmark horror movie. Great work from Walsh, who fuses top-notch archive material with contemporary interviews, creating a worthy companion piece to the movie on its half-century anniversary.”

SCIFI Bulletin


“An in-depth look at the 1973 cult classic, exploring its development, production, and troubled history, Walsh meticulously researched the facts and debunked some of the myths surrounding its creation, giving fans a comprehensive account of the movie's legacy.”

Screen Rant 


“Packed full of superb images, many of which I’d never seen before. And like all good books of this nature, once you’ve finished it, you can’t wait to get back to the film for another viewing.”

The Crack


“Walsh’s wonderful book is an incredibly comprehensive look at The Wicker Man with an absolute goldmine of wonderful rare set photography. The Wicker Man is my favourite film of all time, and this magnificent book is packed with archive materials that I had never seen before. It is a book I will treasure.”

Film Juice

“The Wicker Man: The Official Story of the Film is filled with information spread across eighteen chapters, the pages filled with rare, some never before seen behind-the-scenes photographs in color and black and white. Devoted fans and newcomers alike will find this tome brimming with little-known facts and fascinating stories."

Horror DNA

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