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Rondo Awards

Book of the Year 2022 [n]  Dr Who & The Daleks

Rondo Awards

Book of the Year 2021 [n]

  Escape From New York

Rondo Awards

Book of the Year 2020 [n]

         Flash Gordon

Rondo Awards
   Book of the Year 2019 [n]
  Harryhausen:  Lost Movies
Ray Harryhausen Awards

My Life: Karate Kids  BAFTA “Best Documentary” [n] 

Monarch Mill Valley Film Festival “Official Selection” 

ToryBoy The Movie  Grierson Awards “Best Documentary on a Contemporary Theme” [n]

Toy Soldiers: Monte-Carlo Television Festival “Best Documentary” [n] Prix Jeunesse Munich “Best Non Fiction” [n]

Sofa Surfers Rose d'Or “Social Award” [n]

Don't Make Me Angry New York Television Festival  Best Documentary Series Medal Winner

Don't Make Me Angry BAFTA “Best Documentary Series” [n]

Headhunting The Homeless  “Best Documentary Series” [n]

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