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“What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to read John Walsh’s magnum opus on the making of my film Conan The Barbarian! Crom himself would sing praises for Walsh’s great research and even greater writing.” 

JOHN MILIUS, Director Conan The Barbarian


“Walsh tells a brilliant story. Titan Books treatment in this handsome hardback tome, suitable for the coffee table in your living room or your orgy chamber.” ★★★★★



“Amazing book, very exciting, essential and enlightening. Anyone who is a fan should go out and grab the book.”

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of


“If you love Conan, this is for you. A big glossy book full of pictures and drawings.” 

Frank Skinner 


“The book really hits the mark.”



“Most fans of the world's most famous Cimmerian and his first and best [what remake?] will find this book highly informative and rewarding, and such a lovely one to just own. A lot of effort has clearly been made to make it look as appealing as possible and be something you will just want to keep and dig into now and again.”

Horror Cult Films


“If you are a lover of film or you are a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger or even of the works of Robert E. Howard, then this is certainly a book that you will want to check out and add to your library.”

Blazing Minds


“Makes for a great conversation piece to have around the house as it proudly sits on your coffee table. It's a great book for movie fans in general, but it would also make for a great gift for any Conan fans out there who love the movie and want to learn more about how the film evolved into its final form.”

Starburst Magazine


“Author John Walsh continues to establish himself as the go-to person for these sorts of books. A great addition to the movie-making section of your bookshelf.”

SciFi Bulletin


“Ninety years after the creation of the character, Conan fans finally get a worthy tribute.”


“A fascinating insight into the development of one of the best-loved fantasy films of the 1980s.”

Forces of Geek


“It’s a great book for movie fans and a great gift for any Conan fans who love the movie and want to learn more about how the film evolved into its final form, like with Walsh’s previous books. This is broken down into sections that take you through the various stages of the production of the films. Which works out as a brilliant narrative device.”

SciFi Pulse

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