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"It's terrific. It contains lots of information I was unaware of, such as the inventiveness of the backroom teams. It's brilliant!"
Mike Hodges, Director FLASH GORDON
"This book is a masterpiece. It is more than worthy of the film. Flash Gordon is a comic book work of art. This book is a work of art, it's amazing, it is perfection. I know no science fiction film that is covered so brilliantly as this book covers Flash Gordon. It's a treasure house. It left me breathless. It is absolutely sensational."
Brian Blessed, Actor FLASH GORDON
"The book is great. Excellent job!" 
Sam Jones, Actor FLASH GORDON

It's an amazing book! It is so elegant and "Flashy!" I loved all the research findings and photographs. This is a great holiday gift."
Melody Anderson, Actor FLASH GORDON 

"It's really big. You call it a coffee table book. It's as big as a coffee table— massive book. I just love that this book exists. I shall be wallowing in Flash Gordon."
Frank Skinner 

"Flash Gordon: The Official Story of the Film provides an unprecedented historical account of the 1980 film."
"John Walsh has assembled an impressive number of new interviewees and trawled the archives. Even the most hardcore fans will find something new. It's the visuals that really prove its worth. From original '30s Alex Raymond comic strips to on-set photos and concept art from Nicolas Roeg's abandoned version of the movie, it's as much of a feast for the eyes as a Mongo sky." 
SFX Magazine 
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Film historian John Walsh discovered and presents many untold stories of this Flash Gordon film, including visions of the proposed sequels, that are bound to raise eyebrows on both Earth and Mongo. And the author managed to engage in deep conversations with almost all of the original cast or surviving family members."
"Written by the brilliant John Walsh (whom we spoke to earlier this year about his previous release Harryhausen: The Lost Movies), this beautiful, first-of-its-kind coffee table book will delve into the making of the movie and celebrate its legacy."
Sci Fi Now
"This book is an absolute treasure trove of Flash Gordon awesomeness, making it a must-have title on every fan's wish list - and being forwarded by Mike Hodges himself, this first-of-its-kind coffee table book is the perfect way to celebrate this iconic movie's legacy."
Future of the Force

"Exhaustive coffee table book. It was a labor of love. Brilliant." 
Den of Geek

"It's the ultimate sourcebook for fans of Flash Gordon."
"You will indeed have as much fun reading through this book and taking in all of the eye-popping imagery as you did with the film itself." 
Evan's Gate
"Flash Gordon: The Official Story of the Film is absolute perfection in both content and presentation, and it should be on the shelf of every fan of the flick!"
Horror Fuel
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