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"The most definitive book about the movie. I fully recommend this book to any fan of movies as well as fans of the film." 
SciFi Pulse

"An unprecedented historical account of the 1981 film."
"An indispensable, must-read for fans of John Carpenter and his movies."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
"An amazing book! It is so elegant and "Flashy!" I loved all the research finds and photographs. This is a great holiday gift."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Monster Zero NJ's Movie Madhouse 
"Excellent. The Official Story of the Film is a behind-the-scenes book worthy of Brain's vast library."
AIPT Comics

"If you thought you knew everything about the film, think again. What John Walsh has pulled out of the bag here is nothing short of sheer brilliance. Any fan of the film needs to have this in their collection. There are facts that we never knew. There are excellent behind-the-scenes photographs and production stills. Everything that we wanted to know or didn't know is presented to us in clear and concise detail. And the book is a joy to behold. It is deserving of being owned, read, and re-read. Any fan of John Walsh and what he has written and created must own this volume. The level of research, detail and sheer enjoyment that has gone into the book is very much in evidence." ★★★★★ - Future of the Force

"A book you'll relish and cherish."
Starburst Magazine 
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