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★Rondo Award Nominee for Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2023★
"Impressively comprehensive book weaving a captivating story." 
★★★★★ - SFX
"It's a beautiful book. If you know anyone who likes Doctor Who, I would get them this. It's a stunner." 
Frank Skinner

"Walsh knows his stuff. What really makes this book stand out is the rich and comprehensive visual content." 
Doctor Who Magazine
"Walsh has managed to present THE book on the history and making of what was quite a cinematic event."  
Peter Cushing Appreciation Society
"The visual treats to be found in DR. WHO & THE DALEKS: The Official Story Of The Films make it a worthy purchase, but John Walsh's examination of all aspects of the Dr. Who movies is impressive as well." 
The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog
"It's a handsome and striking book and certainly fits the description of 'coffee table book." 
Celestial Toyroom
"I haven't seen these movies, but after reading John Walsh's spectacular book, I'm eager to. This book is that good." 
Pop Culture Squad
"A great assemblage of material about the first two movies that would go nicely when accompanied with those new 4K editions of the films." 
SFF World
"John Walsh has done it again. He has written a book that is extraordinary, fact-filled, written with love, and is a must-own for every film fan." 
★★★★★ - Future of the Force
"Walsh's growing back catalogue of behind-the-scenes books combines a genuine passion for the material with a filmmaker's insight. And the results are always great fun." 
Film Juice
"John Walsh does a brilliant job of capturing the excitement of the films and manages to gather together some fantastic archive materials that have never been seen before. Walsh's enthusiasm for the films really shines through and makes for a truly page-turning experience." 
Sci-Fi Pulse
"For Doctor Who fans who know and love the early years of the franchise, anyone new to Doctor Who, and fans of Peter Cushing, don't miss Dr. Who and the Daleks: The Official Story of the Films."
"Brilliantly written and sure to intrigue a new generation of fans." 
Radio Times
"A lavishly illustrated and packed with insights into these beloved films." 
Doctor Who Site
"The definitive guide to Peter Cushing's Dalek films." 
Cult Box
"The perfect gift for fans of the films." 
Doctor Who Companion

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